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Aerial View Technologies provide a variety of packages and services to our growing list of clients. Learn more about what we have to offer and see what we can do for you by scheduling a consultation today.


Aerial Real Estate Photography & Filming

Aerial photographs and Videos of properties provide a completely different viewpoint than those obtained from the ground.

Do you only want aerial photos and not videos? It's no problem! That is something we can help you with!


Roof Inspection Photographs

Why spend thousands of pounds on scaffolding to assess a roof when a drone can do the job in minutes?

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Aerial Construction Site Photography & Filming

Aerial construction site photography can provide a completely different perspective than ground-level photographs

Want monthly updates on your site? We've got you covered!


Time Lapse

Time lapses can capture hours of footage, which is then edited into a brief video, usually approximately 3 minutes in length.

Are you interested in having a timelapse created? Why not get in touch with us for further details?

Oceanfront Wedding

Aerial Photography (Events)

This service gives you a number of images of your event taken from an aerial angle. Weddings to sporting events are all examples of events.


Special Requests

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